Road Safety Needs Better Data!

Improving the quality of road safety data is essential to reducing the number of road deaths and injuries. This is the message of the “Marrakech Declaration” adopted by international road safety experts from more than 40 countries meeting in Marrakech, Morocco for the 6th IRTAD conference on 10-12 October.

New Shared Mobility Study on Helsinki Confirms Ground-breaking Lisbon Results

Replacing private car traffic with new shared mobility services in urban areas dramatically reduces the number of cars needed, significantly cuts CO2 emissions and frees large swathes of public land for uses other than parking – without making it more difficult for users to get from door to door.

Vulnerable road users Call for the Innovations of Smart Transportation Technology for a Better Safety and Mobility

Although bicycling and walking were not used extensively as travel modes before, they have been showing a fast increasing trend of being adopted and used for recent years according to transportation data.

New Mobility as a Service app to be launched in the US

Switch Mobility has announced the launch of its Dynamic Mobility as a Service (MaaS) app ‘Switch’ which provides passengers instant access to virtually every kind of public transport service.

Leading Smart Cities Are Often Bike-Friendly Cities

When it comes to smart city project planning and deployment, bicycles are just as much a part of the equation as the many other components (like street lights and parking meters), according to city planning and bicycle advocates.

“The TIMON project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No. 636220”

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